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The Carriage House

Originally intended as a stable for horses, carriages and eventually automobiles, the Carriage House today is the center of many private celebrations from showers, and rehearsal dinners to receptions. With interior walls of richly hued American chestnut, this newly renovated space can accommodate any style.

Banner Arch

Inside the Carriage House

Room 1

Located on the right side of the Carriage house, this private room with stone accented and wood floors with original plank walls and beams create a space able to host events up to 80 guests. Great for private dinners, receptions, business meetings and more.

Venue_Carriage_Rm1_1 Venue_Carriage_Rm1_2

Room 2

Encompassing the giftshop and visitor center, this room is often used in conjunction with the private meeting room. Transform the center space into a bar, this room makes a great space for buffet placement, dancing, mingling and more.

Venue_Carriage_Rm2_1 Venue_Carriage_Rm2_2 Venue_Carriage_Rm2_3

Outside the Carriage House

A large open space, grass field with access to power, and convenient to the parking lot and carriage house for restrooms and allowing for an indoor and outdoor event space. The field can accommodate tents and events with large capacity requirements.

Venue_Carriage_Outside_1 Venue_Carriage_Outside_2 Venue_Carriage_Outside_3