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Frequently Asked Questions


Are we allowed to bring our own food, or select the caterer of our choice?

No, Pure Perfection is the exclusive caterer for Oatlands Historic House and Gardens and must be used for all event bookings and catering.


Are we required to use vendors from the list on Oatlands Events, Partner’s and Vendors Page?

We work with and recommend the wedding professionals and companies listed on our site because of their experience, professionalism, and ability to provide a great experience for our clients. We are open to clients hiring other vendors depending on the services needed and with the expectation that the professional hired can provide the required insurance and business certificates required.


Is there a “rain/weather” plan included in our venue rental?

No, weather and rain back ups for the part of your events planned for outdoors, and not under the pavilion tent have options that vary by location on the property and size of the event for just some of the considering factors. Our team will discuss options and pricing for things like adding a second tent for the ceremony, or other options available based upon your specific event. Back up weather plans do not need to be finalized until a few weeks prior to your event date.


Can we provide our own alcoholic beverages for our event?

No, Pure Perfection Catering is licensed by the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Agency to be able to sell and serve alcoholic beverages for events so all items must be purchased through them.


What is the maximum capacity for events at Oatlands Historic House and Gardens?

This varies depending on the type of event and the set up requested for the event. The tent on our pavilion is 50’ wide by 120’ long so it is the equivalent of a 6000 square foot ballroom which comfortable seats 450 guests. If adding bars, stage, dancefloor, or other items changes the maximum capacity under the tent on the pavilion. Other areas of the property allow us to have larger tents and greater capacity. Please discuss your event specifics with our event managers to plan accordingly.


What is the Maximum Capacity for the Green House?

The capacity for the Green House depends on how it will be used for your event. For a sit-down dinner, you are looking at about 60 guests for the maximum capacity, for a cocktail reception we can accommodate 80 guests comfortably, but up to 99 guests. For most weddings that want some space for music and dancing about 40 guests is our maximum capacity.


How much parking does the main parking lot accommodate and is there overflow parking?

Our parking lot accommodates about 80 vehicles, but the adjacent overflow field can be utilized for additional parking if needed and can accommodate several hundred cars if necessary.


How late can an event go until?

We do not have a hard stop time for events at Oatlands. Most of our events end either at 11 pm or 12 midnight, but we can extend the evening end time to the early morning hours if necessary. Additional fees and charges will apply for extended event end times.


Are there any noise restrictions?

We operate in Loudoun County and are required to follow their noise ordinances. Amplified music. After 11 pm the music from events must not be audible 100 feet past the area in which it is being played. Since our property is large with limited residences, we request that bands and DJ’s lower the volume, especially the base once we hit 11 pm if the event is ending past that time.


Are there any accommodations nearby?

Oatlands has 3 Airbnb Rentals on the property that can be booked independently through the Airbnb website. We have links to these accommodations as well as information about them on the oatlandsevents.com website. We also refer clients to reach out to our contacts at Visit Loudoun who provide a free service of helping wedding clients find guest room blocks at the various area hotels.


Is the venue ADA accessible?

Oatlands is a sprawling outdoor estate with no paved roads or walkways, only gravel paths. We work with our clients to make sure all of their guests are able to navigate the property as best as possible with things like closer drop off and access to areas without needing to do stairs. We may not be able to accommodate all accessibility requests.


Is Oatlands open to the public during my event?

Oatlands is open daily from 10 am until 5 pm. Most of our ceremonies and events start at 5 pm thus when the property is closed. When events take place earlier during open hours, we have never had a private event interfered with by other guests to the grounds and property. Options are available to close the grounds early to accommodate the privacy of your event, however additional fees are incurred for this request.


Is Oatlands pet friendly?

Oatlands does not allow pets on the property. For events like wedding ceremonies where a dog/pet may play a role in the ceremony, in our event contracts there is a clause to allow for this to occur with specific requirements and details that can be shared with you prior to booking.


Is there different prices for different days of the week such as Friday or Sunday?

We do not offer different pricing for the venue fees that occur over a weekend which include Fridays and Sundays. We are open to discussing the specifics for you events with you especially if you are looking at a weekday date for your celebration, which is a common option during the “spring break and summer vacation times”.


Do we have an off season and is the price different in the off season?

Being an outdoor venue with most of our events occurring under our tent on the pavilion, our off season in which the tent is removed for cleaning and storage is mid-November through the winter months where it is re-installed in March. During this time tented events can still be booked and happen but there is actually a greater cost in doing so as heat must be installed in the tent for the entire time it is up, and this adds to the event cost. Also, out of season we operate in our indoor spaces, which accommodate smaller events however this no difference in the price for these spaces due to event demand and availability.


What is the average investment when booking a wedding with Oatlands Events?

We offer a unique wedding experience with gourmet dining included, therefore most couples who book their wedding with Oatlands Events have an average total wedding budget of about $50-$60k. Our fees are proportional to this amount, allowing you to plan other aspects of your wedding so you can achieve your dream event.